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We talked with Ramiro Calle about his book -The Science of Love-; also with Miguel Ángel Calle and with Borja Vilaseca. For his part, Raimón Samsó gave us three very valuable ideas in the introduction of the program.
Ramiro Calle, author of books such as -The fakir-, -The return of the fakir- and -The yogi-, Diana Molina psychologist and co-author of books such as -Mindfulness- are interviewed by Sergio Fernández and provide in the talk show the practical keys to understand how to achieve inner peace regardless of what happens outside of us.
Pensamiento Positivo is a radio program about Personal Development and Practical Psychology presented by Sergio Fernández. You can listen to all the programs at pensamientopositivo.org and youtube.com/user/PensamientoPositivo1.

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Ramiro Antonio Calle Capilla (Madrid, 1943) is a yoga teacher and writer. He has written more than a hundred[1] books on various subjects, mostly philosophical or spiritual, but also collections of short stories and travel guides.[2] Since 1971 he has directed the yoga center Shadak, through which more than three hundred thousand people have passed.[3] He has also taught at the Autonomous University of Madrid, and has lectured elsewhere.[4] He has also given classes at the University of Madrid.
Among his books is «En el límite» (2011) where he narrates his near-death experience due to a disease he contracted in Sri Lanka, listeriosis that left him in a coma for several days and from which, despite the severity, he was able to recover.[8] He has also published a number of books on the subject.
His work as a popularizer of yoga and meditation in different media, including the program Saber Vivir (TVE), Otra Dimensión (Telecinco) and Cuarto Milenio (Cuatro), stands out.[9][10] He has also participated in radio programs of different networks including COPE, Antena 3 de Radio, Cadena SER, RNE, Onda Cero (as a collaborator in a travel program), Cadena Rato, Radio Voz, etc. He is known for being the yoga instructor of Fernando Verdasco, Gabino Diego,[5] Guti, Queen Sofia[11] or Rodrigo Rato, who prefaced one of his books[12].

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I go twice to the Emergency Room of the Hospital de la Princesa and, after examination, they tell me that I am fine. The vomiting intensifies over the next three days, as does the discomfort. I can hardly continue teaching classes – with a superhuman effort. Already in terrible condition, I went to the emergency room, but this time to the Hospital de la Paz and was admitted.
Daily, the medical reports to my family were not very hopeful, until after two weeks I began to react more positively. When they brought me out of the induced coma -about three weeks later- I had lost almost 20 kilos and for days I had an enormous mental confusion. To such a degree that when, some time later, I got information from one of the ICU doctors, he told me that when I left the ICU, they thought I was going into a coma.
My good friend and editor Angel Fernández Fermoselle came to visit me at the hospital to commission me to write a book about my whole experience. At first I was angry with him and told him: «I have been like a wire man dancing between life and death and now you are asking me to tell you about it». But I was encouraged to write that book and I titled it En el Límite, because I had really been there: living also a real underworld inhabited by the ghosts of the brain. But that is another story.

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Ramiro Calle is considered one of the three most important western yoga experts. I leave you the information I found in a blog in which they describe the master Calle along with the other two experts. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with mindalia.
He is the most important orientalist writer in this country and one of the most important in Europe. Author of numerous works, he has studied in depth the therapeutic effects of Eastern psychologies and the contributions of meditation to psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and neuroscience.
He has made more than 60 trips to Asian countries, visiting India more than 50 times. He has been invited 5 times by the Government of India, in gratitude for his continuous work of research and promotion of yoga and Indian culture.
His disclosures have also been of great interest to scholars and researchers of the Samudrika Shastra treatise, who consider that the recently disclosed information could be the basis on which the aforementioned text has been drafted. The Samudrika Shastra deals mainly with the psychological implications projected by the morphological characteristics of the hands, the face and the external shape of the skull. Others interested in its disclosures have been the scholars of Vastu, who have found unpublished information on that discipline.