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How to become a mindfulness coach

TECHNICAL GUIDE FOR THE DEFINITION OF QUALITY COMMITMENTS AND THEIR INDICATORS Topic: Service Charters First version: 2008 Contact details: Evaluation and Quality. Government of Navarra. [email protected]
XII GENERAL MEETING EDUCATIONAL PROJECT 1 INTRODUCTION In order to evolve, the Associations or Collectives must be aware of their possibilities, their characteristics and their strengths, without forgetting the following
Andalusian educational policies for the incorporation of ICT in education Carmen Rodríguez Martínez General Director of Educational Innovation and Teacher Training Consejería de Educación. Junta
EDUCATIONAL REINFORCEMENT PROGRAMME IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS GOOD PRACTICES Created thanks to the contributions of the participating centers: their projects, follow-up documents, reports EDUCATIONAL REINFORCEMENT PROGRAMME
Yoga Teacher Training Course 2015-2016 With Gisela Vázquez in Donosti General considerations about the Training The Anusara Yoga Teacher Training consists of 100 hours of study and

Cognitive neurosciencefield of study

We have a vocation for knowledge. We study the impact of lifestyle on cognitive and affective health, well-being and function. We carry out research projects in different lines: Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychology, Epigenetics, Medicine and Microbiology.
Can we change (functionally and structurally) the brain with specific training? What can we do to increase well-being? What impact does lifestyle have epigenetically? Is it possible to increase cognitive abilities? What psychological qualities are key to face social or institutional problems? Can they be trained? How does the psychological state of a team affect its organization? What makes us resilient?
The Nutrition and Lifestyle Committee of the Council on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention of the American College of Cardiology (Aggarwal et al., 2018) proposes that the main forms of health prevention are: a healthy diet, physical exercise, and mindbody training, such as mindfulness.

Cognitive neuroscience

1. TARGET GROUP: Parents with children of school age who want to share and be enriched by the experience and exchange with other parents.
UNIVERSITY MASTER’S DEGREE IN DRUG DEPENDENCY AND OTHER ADDICTIONS 1. Presentation This master’s degree is aimed at people with graduate, bachelor’s and diploma degrees or equivalent foreign degrees.
WELL BEING PROGRAMS Corporate wellness programs promote greater well-being in the psychological and physical state of the worker, which is reflected in health, motivation, work climate, and by
ENVIRONMENTALIZATION OF ARCHITECTURE PROJECTS Teresa Rovira, Elena del pozo Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona [email protected] 1.
MINDFULNESS FOR COMPANIES Javier García Campayo Psychiatrist and Professor of Psychiatry Miguel Servet Hospital University of Zaragoza Virginia Gasión Degree in Economics Master in Mindfulness University of Zaragoza, Spain

Mindfulness course

Nirakara, Mindfulness & Yoga Institute (Madrid) is nourished by the contributions of professionals belonging to different branches of knowledge: Psychology, Medicine, Physical Sciences, Physiotherapy, Physical Activity Sciences, … What unites us in this space: the passion for the techniques of meditation and yoga; and a deep desire to update these techniques and observe them through the prism of scientific thought. In short, to unite East and West in pursuit of a better understanding and application to our society of everything that allows man to evolve.