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Silence inside – mindfulness with dr. inda zango

Focusing on the here and now is the main goal of Mindfulness. It has its roots in Buddhism and is also known as Mindfulness, as it is based on the present. More and more people are enjoying the benefits of practicing Mindfulness so if you want to join, contact a professional to guide you.    This list shows 12 Mindfulness centers in Terrassa
Paraules Centre de Psicologia provides serious, individualized, professional and responsible attention to the emotional problems of their patients.SpecialtiesIn this psychological cabinet they are experts in mental disorders related to the management of emotions, such as anxiety, phobias, anxiety attacks, anxiety attacks, …
ISEP Clinic is a multidisciplinary cabinet specialized in counseling, assessment and treatment of emotional problems, learning and health, a work we started in 2002. Thanks to a multidisciplinary attention we carry out personalized treatments to our patients…
In PsicoMindfulness Emmy (Psychologist nº20370) offers her help to people going through difficult moments in life. Emmy specializes in treatments for anxiety, depression, compulsive disorders, phobias, addictions and stress.

Mindfulness – mindfulness

New Mindfulness course in Terrassa. CERTIFIED MBSR program (Mindfulness based stress reduction) based on Mindfulness, a method developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. The Mindfulness Course in Terrassa (MBSR) includes:
In an intensive practice with a total of 2 months (30 hours), the MBSR Mindfulness course in Terrassa is oriented to optimize and develop mindfulness or mindfulness, in order to reduce stress and increase the ability to deal more effectively with the complexities that arise in everyday life, either personally or professionally, pondering the ability to stop and observe before acting, to facilitate an appropriate response rather than a simple reaction, allowing to incorporate more positive and effective ways of being and acting.
The Mindfulness course in Terrassa takes place in specially small groups, with dynamic, practical and interactive sessions that alternate moments of silence and collective exploration to cultivate and deploy learning strategies to deal more effectively and creatively with the complex contexts of everyday life, always working with practical and realistic examples helping you to lead a fuller and happier life.

Circle of compassion – mindfulness with dr. inda zango

The course is aimed especially at professionals who:- Are looking for strategies to cope in the general complexity and pace of modern life.- Experience work or management stress, sensitivity to stressful environments, or difficulties with their work.- Are stuck in cycles of worry, anxiety, irritability, discouragement, low self-esteem and lack of confidence.See more- Want to find ways to work with general stress and anxiety more effectively and to increase their wellbeing.See less

The miracle in everyday life – mindfulness with dr. inda zango

Before doing any of the relaxation activities that we propose below, it is important that you think about the most appropriate place in the house to do it, also inform the rest of your family members that you are starting this activity and that you need them not to interrupt you during this time.
In our daily life we are exposed to a great amount of successes that provoke emotional reactions, and most of us carry a heavy load of emotions that we have managed to repress and mask in order to continue with our life.