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One of the standard definitions of Mindfulness is the one given in 1990 by its precursor, Kabat-Zinn: “It is a process that brings a higher quality of attention to experience, moment by moment”.
Mindfulness is not a relaxation or mood management technique. It is a form of mental training to reduce cognitive vulnerability to the mind’s reactive modes.
By introducing Mindfulness from the beginning, the coaching process multiplies its potential to generate insights, the quality and frequency of insights, to achieve transformational changes, and their permanence.
The development of the client’s autonomy is fundamental for the client to become the protagonist of the process. What is interesting is to observe what appears in the coaching process while practicing Mindfulness: the coach will be there for the client to order and reposition him/herself.
Mindfulness is conceived as a state, during which personal attitudes are key elements and necessary conditions for its development: curiosity, openness and acceptance towards the object of observation.

Mindfulness coach

“It means mindfully paying attention to the experience of the present moment; to thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations with acceptance, curiosity and non-judgment.” Mindfulness” helps us to separate ourselves from our thoughts. We learn to let them arise and pass. We learn how to put our attention on the present moment and not worry about the future or regret the past. We learn to accept our emotions instead of trying to escape from them. It helps us to awaken routine or automatic behaviors to participate and be present in our own life. Without judging or rejecting the moment, without attachments, paying attention to what you are doing, feeling, thinking and experiencing in the present time.Coaching concepts and tools.
You will know and learn coaching concepts that will give you tools to be a different “observer” of the present experience. We will go through contents such as learning, judgments, listening, emotions.workshop objectives:If you want to start the Mindful Coaching workshop request your free exploratory session to tell me briefly the situation that ails you and I will tell you how I could help you.you can contact me through the form by clicking on the button below:


Mindfulness is the technique of mindfulness and is one of the oldest skills in the history of mankind. It helps you to accept yourself, to be aware of yourself and your environment and to be in the present moment.
With this course you will learn, among other things, the principles of coaching, how to create a goal plan and put it into action, how to use and get the potential of mindfulness and how to apply all these methods to achieve goals and promote positive changes.
No prior knowledge of coaching or mindfulness is required. The course starts at a basic level, suitable for everyone, and increases in level throughout the course. It is aimed at all types of people interested in these fields as well as professionals in the world of psychology, natural therapies, personal growth, etc.
The duration of enrollment is 6 months. During this time the student will be able to access whenever he/she wants and take the course at the pace he/she prefers. In addition, the course can be taken from any mobile device.

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The reality is that, as Coaches, we are not the main figure, we are not even supporting actors, we are like the character Lor San Tekka played by Max Von Sydow in Star Wars The Force Awakens, we are killed in the first 30 minutes of the movie. The True Hero is the Coachee, who you have had the privilege and honor to meet on his path, and you have been selected out of thousands for this powerful transformation process, which will lead him to discover his full potential to fulfill his destiny on his Heroic Journey.
The Communication Process is led by the Coachee, through his words he reflects his thoughts and emotions, this affects his energy and the way he perceives the world and consequently the decisions he makes. As every potential in the universe is a wave of probabilities which has an electromagnetic field in its nature, it makes sense to conclude that our thoughts and emotions do not escape this phenomenon. Our thoughts are energy.