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Focusing on the here and now is the main objective of Mindfulness. It has its roots in Buddhism and is also known as Mindfulness, as it is based on the present. More and more people are enjoying the benefits of practicing Mindfulness so if you want to join, contact a professional to guide you.    This list shows 12 Mindfulness centers in Alcobendas
MªDolores Pérez Sánchez is specialized in Psychopathology, Clinical Intervention and Health. Transdiagnostic treatment for emotional disorders. Expert in Hypnosis and Psychological Reprocessing Techniques. Expert in Couples Therapy. Works with adolescents and adults.
I am Noemi Manrique, graduated in psychology, and with a general health master’s degree. I am specialized in child, adolescent and adult therapy. My way of working is integrative, although the therapy I use as a guide is cognitive-behavioral. This therapy has great scientific support about its efficacy and effectiveness.
Miryam Pérez Meliá, health psychologist, expert in children and family and specialist in gender violence, I work with children, adolescents and adults, adapting the most appropriate psychotherapeutic techniques to each case.

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Do you know Mindfulnes? Do you know how it relates to the management of your emotions? This free workshop is aimed to answer these and other questions through practical exercises, which undoubtedly will not leave you indifferent.
The workshop is carried out by Asesoría Psicológica and includes the basic theoretical aspects to approach the attention and know how we can manage our daily life, whether studying, relating to our friends or family, when we feel tense or nervous and even when we are eating. Learning more about oneself is the goal.

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– Made…View all profilesSelf-employed psychotherapist.Javier Santos FernándezColmenar Viejo6 reviewsI am the creator of Quantum Psychotherapy, where psychology meets neuroscience, quantum physics and metaphysics.
Scientific director and creator of the MEDISOFIA method, presented in national and international congresses. Since 2004. Training for coping with stress and development of capacities and values. Inclu…See all profilesHug your PeaceMaria Gabriela LaurentinAlcobendasTo introduce myself, I can tell you two facets of what I am: psychologist and travel lover. Throughout my life I have learned through ups and downs to make a journey to recognize my essence.
? Au…View all profilesOsteopathIgnacio Sanchez CardenasMadridHello, I’m Ignacio Sanchez Cardenas, Osteopath and I would like to tell you what you will receive, if you decide to trust in my hands… and in my heart.
Psychotherapist. Online therapy.See all profilesPQV20Patricia Quesada VegaMadrid5 reviews «Patricia offers her knowledge to reduce stress and connect with oneself. In addition to…» Leggi tutto-Recension verified by Isabel S.Patricia is a Wellness Life Coach, teacher of Yin yoga, Gravity yoga and meditation, Breath Coach , Reiki therapist and acupuncturist.

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The Alcobendas City Council, through the Department of Family and Social Protection, Health, Consumer Affairs, Childhood, Adolescence, Youth, Senior Citizens and Promotion of Equality (Casa de la Mujer), in support of business consolidation and in order to generate a dynamic, participatory and beneficial network of female entrepreneurs in Alcobendas, launches the project: «consolid-A-tion, it is written with A».
In the training program «consolid-A-cion, se escribe con A», the students will be introduced to the practice of mindfulness with the aim of improving the ability to concentrate, reduce stress, optimize interpersonal relationships, teams and enhance leadership skills. It will also include: updating of legal aspects, review of basic economic concepts, internal and external communication, branding, reputation and positioning, customer service, marketing: customer analysis, new markets, social networks.
To participate in this initiative, companies must fill in the registration form that can be downloaded from the website www.alcobendas.org or by sending an e-mail to: co[email protected] from May 13.